Welcome to Cardon Studios! 

Now in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, Cardon Studios offers high-grade voice lessons and piano lessons for adults and children of all skill levels. Founded in 2010, Cardon Studios prides itself on offering the most well-rounded education a singer can find in South Florida.

By tailoring your lessons to your individual goals, our teachers ensure that your weaknesses become strengths and that your talents are amplified.

Cardon Studios develops singers who are fully literate musicians; Our studio offers the unique benefit of combining your voice lessons with supplemental piano and music theory and sight-singing lessons! If music is about communication, don’t you think you had better learn to speak the language? Our teachers are patient, caring, and highly experienced. Read more about your new teacher here.

Miami Beach

Don’t forget to flex your artistic muscle in this town that’s known for working on its fitness and its tan! Cardon Studios loves being part of this vibrant community and is ready to help you cultivate your musical finesse. Whether your interest is learning to sing or or to play piano, Let’s get started now!

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